First Drafts

Hey. I’m Anne Westrick and I talk about writing, and this month I’m thinking about how to get started. You know, the blank page is really daunting.

So to get going, I put anything down. Dialogue. Description. Whatever pops into my head. And when I’m beginning a new novel, which is what I’m doing this year, I push myself to write 1,000 words a day. It’s playful and messy writing, but I can revise it later. It’s like finger painting—you know, smearing words around—not like watercolor which is delicate and beautiful at first touch.

Bridge to Terabithia

I once heard novelist Katherine Paterson say, “Dare to be mediocre,” and it’s what I do. It’s what my first drafts are. And it’s all good. So I dare you to be mediocre.

Happy writing!

2 thoughts on “First Drafts”

  1. Thank you, Linda! Yes, I decided to try something new this year. Learning the technology stretches me in good ways, and also, I have to come up with craft-of-writing nuggets that are worthwhile. It’s fun!

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